Surrogate mother in USA

Surrogate mother in USA

When it comes to a country like USA, you can always expect the best in every aspect. So, even if you are looking for surrogate mother in USA, stay assured that your will be provided with the best candidate and related services all along.

On the other side, surrogacy laws in USA vary on state to state basis. So, while one state may permit surrogacy as per your choice, other may not be that supportive. This is where connecting with a reputed legal professional or a surrogacy agency in USA is always the right thing to do.

At Surrogacy care, we have got the best team of legal and medical professionals on board that are ready to help you during your search for the best surrogate mother candidate.

surrogate mother in USA

Making the first move: search for the surrogate mother in USA

Intended parents must be aware of the fact that not every state in USA supports surrogacy. So, as you kick start your journey in the same context, do your homework in the same regard beforehand. On the other side, there are certain pre-defined requirements for surrogate mothers in USA in order to stay eligible for a surrogacy agreement.

While these regulations aren’t recommended specifically as per the surrogacy laws in USA, they are generally to ensure the best surrogate candidate for your surrogacy arrangement.  Moreover, the surrogate mother should be :

  • Between the age group of 21 years and 35 years
  • Has already conceived a healthy child without any medical complications in the past
  • Must not be coming on board with any medical or physical complications
  • Willing to sign a contract as per the rules and policies of the surrogacy agency in USA
  • Must not be carrying an addiction to any harmful substance like tobacco, alcohol, or marijuana
  • Should be willing to pass through all the required tests and diagnoses for the surrogate mother role

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    Once we have ensured that the surrogate mother candidate has fulfilled the abovementioned requirements, we will make her go through the next step.

    The most crucial step: Surrogate screening and medical assessment

    The surrogate mother would then be required to go through a list of tests and diagnoses in order to confirm her health and well-being. These tests would be conducted by our partner IVF clinics and medical professionals in the USA.

    During the screening process, the candidate would be asked numerous questions about her medical history or any present illness within her family. Besides, she will be interviewed by a medical counselor who will check her preparedness to go through the challenges and demands of surrogacy in USA.

    Making it legal: Signing the surrogacy contract

    The surrogate mother in USA will then sign a contract in the presence of intended parents and our surrogacy professionals. Within this contract, the roles and responsibilities of the parties involved would be mentioned.

    This way, the scope of any dispute or disagreement between the parties would be written off. Moreover, the contract would mention aspects like cost of surrogate mother USA, parental custody, surrogate’s clothing and accommodation.

    How much is surrogate mother cost in USA?

    surrogate mother cost in USA The cost of a surrogate mother in USA is largely dependent on the type of surrogacy program you have chosen. If it’s a traditional surrogacy option, the cost would be less, although the surrogate mother USA would be biologically connected with the born child in this case.

    On the other side, the surrogate mother cost in USA would be higher in case you have opted for gestational surrogacy in USA. Talking about gestational surrogacy in USA, it is the most prevalent and sought after type of surrogacy arrangement, not just in USA, but across every part of the world.

    This is due to the fact that the surrogate mothers in USA won’t be having any biological connection with the born child. Besides, the gametes of the intended parents are being used to develop the embryo, which is further been placed into the womb of the surrogate mother in USA.

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