Finding The One – Understanding The Surrogacy Matching Process

surrogacy process in Argentina

Singles, same-sex couples, single men, heterosexual married or unmarried couples, and single women are increasingly choosing Argentina as their surrogacy destination. The favorable legal environment in Buenos Aires, which only names the intended parent(s) on newborn birth certificates and grants them full parental rights from birth, is making surrogacy more common in Argentina.

A 2017 judicial ruling in the City of Buenos Aires recognized the rights of surrogate parents to be recognized as parents on the birth certificate and in law as a result of several legal challenges in Argentina. In this jurisdiction, parentage may be transferred without a court order as long as certain conditions are satisfied.

Therefore, regardless of marital status, sexual orientation, or nationality, surrogacy is an option in Argentina for both single people and couples. It is not necessary to have a genetic link.

An Argentine passport may be obtained by adopted children. A surrogate can only be paid back for expenses under the current legal interpretations in Argentina, which stipulate that such procedures must be charitable in nature.

You probably have a lot of questions about gestational surrogacy in Argentina. We’ll address all of your concerns in this article. In this blog, we’ll talk about,

● How surrogacy works in Argentina
● Cost of a surrogate mother in Argentina


How surrogacy works in Argentina

With a population of 45 million, many Argentine women are available as egg donors, while a smaller number are also available as gestational surrogates. When your child reaches the age of consent, egg donors can choose to remain anonymous or have their identities made public. Photos of potential candidates are provided by IVF clinics during in-person or online consultations.

An agreement between the surrogate and intended parents must be signed in Argentina before an embryo transfer can take place. The surrogate in Argentina is not granted any parental rights under this agreement, which states that the intended parents are the child’s legitimate parents.

surrogate in Argentina

Surrogate mothers in Argentina are subjected to a rigorous screening process. A doctor’s evaluation of the surrogates’ physical and mental health is required, and they must be between the ages of 22 and 35 and have given birth to at least one child.

Argentina’s surrogacy framework is frequently categorized as ‘altruistic,’ yet non-acceptable expenditure reimbursements are typically in the $15,000 to $20,000 range.

Gestational surrogacy in Argentina entails implanting the embryo into the surrogate mother’s womb after it has been created from the intending parents’ sperm and eggs. It is compatible with assisted reproduction techniques such as IVF (in in In-Vitro Fertilization). To generate the embryo, the expert collects the intended parents’ sperm and eggs outside the fertilization facility. The practice is legal in the country if donor sperm or eggs are used.

It goes through the following stages in Argentina:

Many organizations allow you to select a healthy surrogate mother from their database. Surrogate mothers are subjected to extensive background investigations, as well as examinations of their health, fertility, previous pregnancies, and other issues. Choose the best match based on the traits that will influence the progeny.

The center will do a series of tests and examinations to determine the health of your gametes and the surrogate mother’s ability to conceive and birth the child. Blood tests, ultrasounds, and psychological and physical exams will all be performed.

In order to consider the process, both parties will complete the legal prerequisites. It includes the surrogate mother granting the intending parents parental rights. Neither side may withdraw or change their minds after agreeing to the approach in writing.

The pregnant woman will take fertility drugs to boost her ovaries’ ability to create eggs. It will produce with the release of hormone injections into the uterus and a large number of healthy, mature eggs. The injections will prepare the surrogate mother’s uterine lining.

Using cutting-edge technology, our doctors extract the female partner’s eggs from the uterus painlessly. A speculum is used to open the vagina in order to implant a catheter. The transvaginal ultrasound will aid the procedure and equipment inside the uterus. A sharp needle will aspirate the existing egg follicles in the uterus and extract the healthy eggs. The specialist will separate and prepare male sperm in the lab using a sample of sperm.

Your sperm and eggs will mix on the culture dish during fertilization. They will fertilize eggs and sperm using cutting-edge procedures.

The expert will monitor its growth and development. They will implant one or two embryos into the surrogate mother’s uterus.

A blood test will reveal the pregnancy two weeks after the fertilized eggs are implanted in the surrogate womb. Intended parents will be responsible for funding the surrogate’s requirements in terms of surrogacy in Argentina, which costs $9,000 for nine months. It will cover routine check-ups, doctor visits, nutrient requirements, nutritious food, and diet regimens.

surrogate mother in Argentina


Surrogate mother costs in Argentina

A couple experiencing severe infertility can use a surrogate mother in Argentina who has previously successfully delivered a child. The surrogate mother must be in good health and able to bear the couple’s pregnancy and child for a period of nine months. You can choose a surrogate mother in Argentina on your own or through a clinic.

Clinics and surrogacy firms provide healthy surrogate mothers following extensive screenings and medical examinations. Your specialist will transfer the fertilized embryo to the surrogate womb after combining sperm and eggs fertilized.

The intended parents can pay the surrogate mother either altruistically or compensated. This Argentina surrogacy fee will include living expenses, food, transportation, maternity care, and medical bills. The couple will receive a healthy child from the surrogate mother when she gives birth.

The overall cost of surrogacy in Argentina is determined by the type of surrogacy you choose. Your decision to choose a paid or unpaid surrogate mother will increase the cost of surrogacy in Argentina. It is somewhere between USD 66,000 and USD 69,900. The surrogacy cost in Argentina also includes the cost of a surrogate mother.

You will select a surrogate mother in Argentina from any facility or agency that charges a cost for the woman’s medical diagnostics, remuneration, basic needs, travel, food, and other necessities for her to survive and provide for her unborn child. You can provide surrogate mother insurance, although it may not cover the entire treatment. The cost of the surrogate mother in Argentina will affect all of your expenses.

In conclusion, even though our international network has assisted many families and many IVF procedures have been successfully completed, we are never satisfied with our accomplishments. We are actively working to increase our success rate indicator, which is currently hovering around 60%. Our clinic complies with the standards set by the relevant authorities for providing international medical care. Our team is composed of respectable, duly-licensed experts with superior education and years of experience in the field of assisted reproductive technologies (ART).

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