Top 10 ways of ensuring a healthy and risk free birth during Surrogacy

Starting a surrogacy process in Colombia or any other country is a big decision that needs careful thought, expert advice, and putting the health of the surrogate mother and the child first. So, if you are an intended parent, you must stay careful about all these things on priority.

Moreover, there are certain considerations that one needs to make to ensure a safe and healthy surrogacy birth. That said, we are about to discuss the best ways to ensure that a surrogate birth stays healthy and risk-free.

How to ensure a safe and risk-free birth during surrogacy?

  1. Select a Trustworthy Surrogacy Agency

Working with a reputable surrogacy agency in Colombia ensures that you will have access to professional advice throughout the surrogacy process. Moreover, these organizations carry out thorough surrogate mother screenings, offer legal assistance, coordinate medical appointments, and provide psychological support—all of which are essential for a successful and healthy surrogacy process.

Now, as you start your search for the best surrogacy agency in Colombia, do consider certain facts before making the right pick. Check through the expertise and experience of the surrogacy agency before signing the deal. Moreover, check whether they have the required legal expertise in the surrogacy laws in Colombia. That way, you can stay assured of achieving the desired results during the surrogacy process in Colombia.

surrogacy process in colombia

  1. Complete Surrogate Screening

It’s essential to make sure the surrogate mother is physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared for the journey ahead. That said, in-depth physical examinations, fertility tests, infectious disease checks, and psychological assessments must be conducted.

  1. Ensuring the best care and support for the surrogate

As the surrogate mother is going to be the most important part of the surrogacy journey, you cannot write off her health and well-being during the process. Moreover, the intended parents also need to ensure that she is coming free of any physical or mental health issues. This way, you can ensure the health and well-being of your future child.

  1. Healthy Lifestyle

cost of surrogate mother in ukThe surrogate mother should lead a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet, frequent exercise, enough sleep, and no use of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs. Besides, checkups and monitoring regularly can help to make sure the surrogate is adhering to the suggested lifestyle changes.

This way, intended parents can ensure the birth of a healthy child during surrogacy. Moreover, the born child would be free from any diseases or health ailments.

  1. Prenatal Care

Intended parents must also know that it’s critical to schedule regular prenatal appointments to check on the surrogate’s health and the baby’s growth. Moreover, these checkups can aid in early issue identification and treatment, ensuring a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Talking about the checkups, it would all depend on the IVF treatment in Colombia or the expert you are dealing with during your surrogacy process in Colombia. Besides, you can always consult with the medical professionals of the surrogacy agency in Colombia.

  1. Right Psychological support

Surrogacy can be emotionally demanding for both the intended parents and the surrogate mother. So, to manage any emotional stress or anxiety, having access to professional counselling and support groups can be beneficial to overall well-being.

Remember, it’s not just about the physical health and the mental health of the surrogate mother is equally important.

  1. Legal Contracts

Legal ContractsThe surrogacy process is based on precise legal contracts that specify the obligations and rights of each party involved.

Besides, this legal clarity lessens tension and potential conflicts, which indirectly supports a healthy birth.

So, the intended parents can take assistance from a legal professional in the same regard. That way, they can eliminate any kind of legal dispute or issues within the surrogacy process.

On the other side, maintaining open lines of communication with the surrogate, intended parents, and surrogacy agency helps to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Also, this can reduce anxiety and stress, creating a favourable environment for the surrogate mother.

  1. Proper medication and supplements

Administering the proper medications and supplements, such as folic acid, as advised by healthcare professionals is essential to supporting the health of the surrogate and the unborn child. Moreover, the advice of the medical staff should be adhered to religiously during every step of your surrogacy journey.

Besides, the surrogate mother must further abide by all the instructions and suggestions of the health professionals. Moreover, she needs to ensure her proper care by taking all the required medicines on time.

  1. Managing Medical Risks

Managing certain medical risks is of utmost importance during surrogacy in Colombia.  That said, embryo transfer is one surrogacy procedure that carries some risk. Intended parents must know that these procedures must be managed under the direction of skilled healthcare professionals. Besides, to reduce risks to the baby, any genetic or medical conditions affecting the biological parents should also be addressed.

There may be times when the surrogacy birth would witness certain complications and challenges. For all such situations, the intended parents must connect with the best medical experts from the fertility clinic. Besides, the surrogate mother must be administered 24 x 7 for any issues or discomfort during her pregnancy period.

10.Proper Postnatal Care

surrogacy in colombiaEven after the delivery, both the surrogate and the infant need to receive the right kind of medical attention. This entails routine health examinations, vaccinations, and appropriate feeding for the newborn. Moreover, to recover from childbirth and get through the postpartum period, the surrogate needs both physical and emotional support.

So, the surrogacy agency must ensure that the surrogate mother is supported with the services of medical counsellors all along. That way, the surrogate mother in Colombia can stay stress-free and would further ensure a healthy and safe delivery.

Final words

Ensuring a healthy and safe birth comes as the core motive of any surrogacy program. So, the intended parents must always seek professional advice before enrolling for any such practice, Besides, they must also connect with the right agency or clinic to receive top-class services and treatment. That said,  the joy of a healthy newborn is the reward for a successful surrogacy journey. So, just by following the steps mentioned above, you can ensure risk-free childbirth.

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