My Personal Experience: Why Lower Cost of Surrogacy Isn’t Always the Finest?


When my partner and I chose to begin our family through surrogacy, like many others, we were at first drawn to more affordable choices. However, during the same experience, we came across the most important lesson of our lives why lower cost of surrogacy is not always the finest alternative.

That said, this realization came through a list of experiences that lit up the complexities and details of surrogacy, where cutting costs can some of the time lead to unexpected challenges and emotional challenges.

Key Reasons- Why the lower cost of surrogacy is not always the finest alternative?

Those low-cost surrogacy options were tempting though!

To be honest, those low-cost surrogacy alternatives attracted us to the core. This is where our journey started on a completely different note. That said, we checked different surrogacy agencies and were slanted towards those advertising lower costs of surrogacy. Also, the difference in that cost was huge – a few alternatives were nearly half the cost of others. For us, this was an enticing prospect, considering the by and large budgetary burden of surrogacy. Hence, we thought we had found an incredible deal, not paying attention to the upcoming challenges on our way.

The biggest red flag was the lack of transparency!

Right within no time, we came across the first and biggest red flag that brought lack of communication. The agency that advertised a lower surrogacy cost was not as responsive as we anticipated.

Also, getting answers to our questions or updates about the method regularly took days, and sometimes, weeks.

On the other hand, friends of our own who had chosen a more costly agency shared experiences of proper updates and clear communication. This difference was our starting point with a sign that lower costs have made us compromise with the overall service quality.

More legal and medical complications are on our way!

As we advanced further, legal and medical suspects became more complex. Also, we found that the lower-cost agency did not give comprehensive legal services, which are the key in surrogacy to guarantee all parties are ensured.

Moreover, we had to hire a separate legal counsellor, which included our costs and overall stress. Besides, the medical procedures, which need to be dealt with as the biggest priority, were ignored. Also, the agency’s choice of medical experts and professionals, likely impacted by cost-saving measures, did not offer us the required satisfaction.

And it all brought us the biggest disappointment!

The turning point came when our surrogacy journey dealt with a deadly blow. We knew that the surrogacy process may not always be successful and situations like this may come over. Yet, random discussions with our surrogate and a few other medical professionals made us accept that insufficient medical procedures and deficient surrogate screening might have led to this entire disappointment. This was a heartbreaking and eye-opening moment for both of us. Also, we realized that the decreased money-related burden at the beginning had driven more prominent emotional and budgetary strain in the long run.

And we changed our paths!

While dealing with this financial and emotional turmoil, we chose to start it all from scratch again. Also, we thought of connecting with a more legitimate and more costly surrogacy agency. At the first go, were doubtful given our troublesome experience in the past. Still, the difference between the services was evident right from the start.

Also, the new agency conducted proper medical and mental screenings for surrogates. Moreover, they deliver the required support and assistance to both us and the surrogate. At the same time, their straightforwardness, polished skill, and all-encompassing approach to surrogacy made us feel more secure and confident this time around.

Though we were cautious more than before, it all happened to exceed our expectations. Also, in the long run, we found the desired success with the birth of our first child via surrogacy. Certainly, it was a moment of indefinable delight, the perfection of a long, regularly challenging journey.

In hindsight, I realised that the higher surrogacy cost was all worth it in the end. Moreover, it came out as a perfect investment in quality, straightforwardness, and a strong journey for everybody, including our amazing surrogate.

The key lessons learnt during my surrogacy journey!

Look for quality rather than lower cost

The agency charging higher costs offered us the desirable results in the end. Moreover, we didn’t need to worry at all regarding the random complications and procedures of the surrogacy process.

Yet, we learned that higher costs frequently bring better quality, way better experience, and more experienced medical professionals. Also, for us, these are basic components of the success and smoothness of the surrogacy procedure.

The right support and Care come at a cost

We also learnt that with better investment come much better results. Also, counselling was a noteworthy portion of the services given by the second surrogacy agency. Besides, this support was invaluable for both us and our surrogate all through the surrogacy procedure.

Moreover, clear communication and straightforwardness were the trademarks of our experience with the more costly agency. That said, this enormously reduced our uneasiness and made the process go smoother. Also, our journey during this surrogacy process taught us that the real cost of surrogacy isn’t about money. Instead, it’s around emotional investment, time, and the physical and mental prosperity of all included. On the other hand, selecting a lower-cost alternative at first appeared justified. But it ended up costing more in stress, dissatisfaction, and extra costs.

Final words

I can certainly say that the charm of lower-cost surrogacy options is understandable, especially given the higher cost of the method. Still, our experience taught us that it’s not always the wisest choice. Moreover, the extra investment in a more trustworthy and intensive agency was worth each penny. That said, it led us to a more supported, straightforward, and eventually fruitful surrogacy journey. Last, yet not least, this experience has been a significant lesson in understanding the true value of quality care and support within the fragile and wonderful journey of bringing a new life into the world through surrogacy.

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